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Value Investor

Dec 18, 2019

It’s time to look ahead to the new year. Which industries should investors be looking in to find the best deals?

(0:45) - Where To Find Value Heading Into 2020

(4:30) - Is There Value In Retail?

(10:40) - Will Small Banks Be The Place To Invest?

(15:15) - Are ETFs Your Best Bet?

(28:00) - Episode Roundup: DKS, TGT,...

Dec 11, 2019

Even value stocks had a good year in 2019. But could you buy the ETFs and walk away or did you need to be a stock picker?

(1:00) - A Look Back At 2019: Index and ETF Performance Overview
(11:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks
(20:00) - Episode Roundup: VTV, VUG, RPV, RPG, VBR, VBK, AMWD, DHI, JPM

Dec 4, 2019

Many of the exploration and production stocks are hitting new multi-year lows. Are they cheap or is this another false bottom?
(1:00) - Finding Value In The Energy Sector
(4:15) - Is An ETF The Best Bet For Investing?
(9:10) - Tracey's top Stock Picks
(29:30) - The Big Takeaways From The Energy Stocks: XOP, CNX,...