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Value Investor

Mar 4, 2021

With technology stocks soaring, Berkshire Hathaway went all in on oil and telecom.

(0:40) - What Can We Learn From The New 13F Filings
(5:10) - Warren Buffett Buys Verizon: Breaking Down Berkshire Hathaway’s Portfolio
(19:50) - Understanding Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy: The Annual Letter
(31:45) - Should...

Feb 25, 2021

Travel companies are beginning to see green shoots as coronavirus vaccines roll out around the world. Is there still time to get in?

(0:20) - Where To Invest When Things Slowly Get Back To Normal

(3:30) - Will Travel Stocks Benefit The Most When The Economy Reopens

(7:20) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(26:00) - Episode...

Feb 18, 2021

Looking for value stocks? Keep it simple with a basic value screen that still packs a lot of punch.

(1:10) - Getting Back To The Basics of Value: Focusing On Low P/E

(10:50) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: The Ignored Value Stocks

(27:30) - Seeing The Trends Before They Happen: BMY, DAC, DHI, PACW, SYF

Feb 11, 2021

The targeted, specialty ETFs are all the rage in 2021. Should value investors be using them to find deep value?

(0:40) - Is Now The Time To Buy Into ETFs?

(6:10) - Finding The Right ETF For You: Tracey’s Top Picks

(17:30) - The Big Benefit of ETFs

(21:50) - Episode Roundup: ARKK, QVAL, DEEP, FOVL, RPV,...

Feb 4, 2021

New to stocks? 7 tips for becoming a better value investor.

(0:45) - Understanding What Value Investing Really Means

(4:10) - Breaking Down Netflix’s Current Valuation

(8:50) - Patience Is Key: Finding The Right Stock For You

(19:30) -Keeping A Watchlist: Can Value Investors Buy In Growth Industries?

(24:00) -...