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Value Investor

Nov 27, 2019

Value investors face a conundrum as stocks keep hitting new all-time highs. Do you keep your former value stocks or do you cash them in?

Nov 20, 2019

Do you have the guts to dive into the two most hated industries on the Street?

(0:45) - Breaking Down The Recent 13F Release

(4:10) - What Has Warren Buffett Been Buying?

(20:00) - Episode Roundup: RH, OXY, SU, PSX, QSR, AAPL, AMZN

Nov 13, 2019

With cyclical stocks, investors must look deeper to figure out the value of the earnings and revenue.

(1:45) - Is It Time To Invest In Apple?

(7:30) - How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Earnings?

(17:00) - Episode Roundup: AAPL, MU, NVDA, URI, HESS

Nov 7, 2019

Who has the momentum now that growth stocks are faltering? Value stocks.

(0:45) - Are Value Stocks Gaining Momentum?
(3:40) - Stock Screener Criteria
(6:50) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks
(15:15) - Episode Roundup: HEES, INTC, BLDR, SNE, PSX