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Value Investor

May 29, 2019

Insurance may seem boring but there’s a reason its been around for hundreds of years. Are the fundamentals still solid?

(1:00) - Is Insurance The Safe Investment?

(6:00) - Screen Criteria and Top Stock Picks

(15:15) - Episode Roundup: ACGL, CNA, ACL, PGR, TRV

May 22, 2019

The semiconductor stocks sure seem cheap. But have they really reached the bottom of the cycle or is it a fake-out? 

(1:00) - Semiconductor Sector and Trade War Impacts: Value Stocks or Traps?

(7:25) - Tracey’s Top Stocks To Watch

(18:15) - Takeaways on Semiconductor Stocks: MU, AVGO, NVDA, RCX, VSH

May 15, 2019

How to spot value trap stocks.

(0:30) - Finding Out Of Favor Value Stocks

(6:45) - Stock Screen Criteria 

(8:35) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(14:10) - Episode Roundup: GM, GE, CC, CWH, LB, THO

May 8, 2019

With Berkshire Hathaway buying shares of Amazon, it’s time for a refresher on what makes a stock a value.

(0:20) - What Are Value Stocks?

(3:10) - 3 Top Attributes of a Value Stock

(10:25) - Stock Screener and Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(15:20) - Episode Roundup: AMZN, C, CVS, LNC

May 1, 2019

Berkshire Hathaway’s stock has been underperforming the S&P 500 for years. Value investors can do better.

(0:30) - Upcoming Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

(7:15) - Buffett Beating Portfolio: 3 Tips

(9:40) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(19:30) - Episode Roundup: OXY, APC, AVID, SNX, JCOM, BRKB