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Value Investor

Jul 30, 2020

What are value stocks? How do you find them? This is value investing 101.

(1:45) - Value Investor Basic's

(9:30) - Screening For Stocks With Good P/E Ratios

(16:50) - Stock Screener And Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(27:20) - Episode Roundup: AAPL, TSCO, ABG, AMWD, DHI, KR, FBC

Jul 23, 2020

Stock trader Dave Portnoy called Buffett “past his prime” earlier this year but Berkshire’s portfolio is more than just bank stocks.

(0:30) - Is Value Being Left Behind?
(5:45) - Warren Buffett's Top Stock Holdings
(16:10) - Episode Roundup: RH, AAPL, V, MA, COST, AMZN

Jul 16, 2020

Just because a stock has sold off, doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly “cheap.” Earnings still matter.

(1:00) - Are Investors Rotating Back Into Value Stocks?

(6:45) - Tracey's Top Stock Picks

(12:30) - Episode Roundup: EXPE, PNC, JPM, PVH, CSIQ, LAD, WAB

Jul 2, 2020

Growth stocks are the stars this year but there are always hidden opportunities in value.

(0:20) - Have Value Stocks Been Left Behind?
(5:00) - Looking For Value Companies With Strength: Stock Screener
(9:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks
(20:10) - Episode Roundup: PXD, ABG, BIG, CNC, GTN