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Value Investor

Jan 29, 2020

Like system-style stock investing? This screen deploys Zacks best strategies in one powerful combination.

(0:30) - Using Zacks Ranking System To Find Top Value Stocks
(5:55) - Screen Criteria For Undervalue Stocks
(10:00) - Tracey’s Top Stocks Picks
(17:45) - Episode Roundup: C, CPA, LPLA, SNX, FL, BRK.B

Jan 22, 2020

Think you can pick the stock market top? The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, puts that challenge to the test.  
(0:25) - How Important Is Timing In The Stock Market?
(4:00) - Does The DOW Theory Work?
(14:20) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks
(21:10) - Episode Roundup: WFC, ANDE, KBH, BG, DKS

Jan 16, 2020

Investors have been pouring money into ETFs for years, but actively managed mutual funds could be another option for value investors.

(1:00) - Are Mutual Funds A Good Value Play?
(8:30) - Tracey Top Fund Picks
(19:45) - Episode Roundup: RVT, FEVAX, VBR, RZV, VIOV

Jan 8, 2020

Growth stocks continue to be sizzling hot in 2020 but value investors shouldn’t despair. There are still stocks with attractive fundamentals and great Zacks Ranks.

 (1:00) - Finding Value In 2020: Where Should You Be Looking?
(11:35) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Single Digit P/E’s
(21:50) - Episode Roundup: BHF, CS,...