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Value Investor

Mar 25, 2021

Hopes and dreams isn’t a business plan. Buy companies that are winning in 2021. Don’t settle for less.

(1:10) - The Importance Of Fundamentals

(10:00) - Alternatives Options For Stocks With Hopes And Dreams: Tracey’s Top Picks

(22:45) - Episode Roundup: V, TSLA, GME, SNE, FNKO

Mar 18, 2021

The last decade has been awful for bank stock investors as returns have lagged. But is 2021 the dawn of a new day?

(0:45) - Finding The Right Bank Stocks For Your Portfolio

(6:10) - Gaining Exposure Through ETFs

(14:25) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(26:15) - The Big Takeaways From The Banking Industry: QABA, FRC, CMA,...

Mar 11, 2021

What did you do with your investment portfolio when the coronavirus crisis hit in spring of 2020?

(0:45) - Lessons To Learn From The Pandemic Selloff

(12:30) - Stock Screener Criteria: Finding Today’s Value Stocks

(17:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(23:30) - Episode Roundup: PINS, PAG, EC, TM, TRTN

Mar 4, 2021

With technology stocks soaring, Berkshire Hathaway went all in on oil and telecom.

(0:40) - What Can We Learn From The New 13F Filings
(5:10) - Warren Buffett Buys Verizon: Breaking Down Berkshire Hathaway’s Portfolio
(19:50) - Understanding Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy: The Annual Letter
(31:45) - Should...