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Value Investor

Apr 17, 2019

Don’t let all the big technology unicorn IPOs distract you. Here’s how value investors can still get into the IPO game.

(0:30) - IPO’s For Value Investors

(2:50) - IPO Criteria: When Is The Right Time To Buy?

(5:15) - Tracey’s Top Picks

(18:50) - Episode Roundup: EAF, GTES, HUD, COLD, GSKY

Mar 14, 2019

After a big rally, it’s still possible to find those hidden gem stocks to buy and hold.

(0:40) - What Are 10-bagger stocks?

(3:45) - Characteristics and Examples of 10-Bagger Stocks

(19:10) - Retail Stocks To Watch For Growth
(25:00) - Episode Roundup: WMT, HD, UNH, TCEHY, FB, DPZ, LULU, GOOS, PLNT

Feb 27, 2019

Several older blue-chip companies have seen their shares plunge over the last 6 months on bad news, including dividend cuts.

Feb 20, 2019

The fourth quarter stock plunge was the perfect buying opportunity for value investors. Did Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio jump in to buy?

(0:45) - What To Learn From The Q4 13F Filing: Berkshire Hathaway

(3:00) - Selling of Apples Shares
(6:30) - International Stock Purchases 
(13:10) - Financial Holdings and...

Feb 13, 2019

How do you screen for cheap microcaps with great Zacks Ranks?

(1:00) - Small and Microcap Value Stocks

(4:30) - Stock Screen Criteria 
(6:20) - Tracey’s Top Picks
(18:15) - Episode Roundup: SLYV, ACBI, CAI, LL, PCMI