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Value Investor

Sep 25, 2019

(0:45) - Small Cap Value Stock Screener

(8:35) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(21:50) - Episode Roundup: EXTR, GFF, NX

Sep 18, 2019

The financial media keeps talking about the economy being in the late cycle but that doesn’t mean you can’t be buying stocks.

(0:30) - Late Cycle Investing

(6:45) - Value Stocks To Hide Out In

(16:30) - Large Cap Survivor Stocks

(21:05) - Episode Roundup: EXAS, EW, BMY, ABC, OXY, XOM

Sep 11, 2019

Could this rotation out of growth stocks and into value be the change in sentiment that value investors have been waiting years for?

(0:20) - Value Stocks On A Rally

(3:50) - Remembering Benjamin Grahams Tips For Value Investing

(7:00) - Stock Screener and Tracey Top Stock Picks

(21:15) - Episode Roundup: ADS, AGI,...

Sep 4, 2019

Large cap growth stocks may be the Street’s darlings but many small cap stocks are dirt cheap. Are they hidden gems?

(0:30) - Finding Value In Small Cap Stocks

(5:10) - Stock Screener Criteria

(9:00) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(23:45) - Episode Roundup: XPER, MATW, AJX, MOFG, FBIZ