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Value Investor

Sep 26, 2018

Looking for cheap stocks doesn't have to be difficult if you follow this basic screen.


(0:45) - Basic Value Screener: P/E Only

(5:35) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(16:45) - Big Takeaways on Investing In Value

(19:20) - Episode Roundup: CELG, BZH, EAF, MGI, HEAR


Sep 19, 2018

Chinese stocks have sold off. But are they cheap enough to be values or are they just a trap?

(0:45) - Is It Time To Invest In China Or Still Too Risky?

(4:00) - The Current State of China Market

(10:10) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Value Or Trap?

(19:30) - Big Takeaways On China: BIDU, BABA, JD,...

Sep 12, 2018

Are you a gambler? The emerging markets look like they could be a value investor dream in 2018.

(0:30) - Beaten Down Emerging Markets

(4:25) - Stock Screener Criteria 

(6:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(14:00) - Are There Chinese Value Stocks?

(23:45) - Episode Roundup: AMX, ASR, EJR, CYOU, YRD


Sep 5, 2018

Do you know how to find the hottest value stocks?

(0:20) - Value Stocks With Momentum

(3:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks

(13:20) - Episode Roundup: CAL, ANDE, MOS, TAST, TGT